Dolce shirts are made using only 100% top quality cottons. Expert tailors, using top workmanship, perfected this slim fit pattern providing comfort and an excellent fit.
On our Dolce sport shirts, we added contrast fabric trims on the inside of the collar band, in the yolk, behind the placket, and inside the cuffs to make each shirt come together and pop.
Top quality cottons, expert tailoring, and the perfect fit create this dolce line.




RGB uses only top fabrics are used in creating each shirt, made with contrast collars cuffs and plaquetes complimenting the base fabrics. Precision pic stitching detail and cuff bands are just some of the bells and whistles each shirt offers. When you want to make a statement, RGB is it.
 RGB offers a fashion statement with an established, immutable style in a first-class men’s sport shirt made by world renowned designers.


Andrew J

Andrew J. Dress Shirts are among the best-selling men’s shirts we offer at Carmel Tailoring, thanks to their convenient and luxurious design. Perfect for everyday wear by businessmen and jetsetters alike, the non-iron, stain resistant ease of these shirts makes them a breeze to wash and wear over and over again without worrying about wrinkling or dry cleaning. Great for a man on the go, packing these tailored, cotton dress shirts for a business trip is a simple way to look crisp and clean cut on the run.

Crafted from long staple 80 two ply cotton yarn Andrew J. Dress Shirts offers unrivaled comfort and durability. Special interlining is used at key points in this garment to ensure it holds its shape through repeated uses. Single needle tailoring creates the ultimate fit, while expert reinforcing within the collar, cuffs, button placket, armholes, side seams, and sleeves ensures this shirt will last. See the difference for yourself, and join the numerous men who know why Andrew J. is the top name in wash and wear dress shirts.