Let us help you update your wardrobe! We can bring your old favorites back to life or trim your new finds down to size. Repairing and redesigning is our nature – whatever the challenge, we are up for it. We work on leather, specialty fabrics, such as sequined and lace, and highly-detailed pieces. Retaining original aspects of your garment depends on the circumstances and affects the price.

For the best results, please bring the shoes and undergarments you intend to wear with your clothing.

Some services we offer:

  • Reconstructing
  • Hemming Dresses, Slacks, Denim, Jackets & Shirts
  • Taking In & Letting Out Waist
  • Tapering Pants & Dresses
  • Shortening Sleeves
  • Reducing Chest
  • Removing Collar Roll
  • Pulling Up Shoulders
  • Mending
  • Replacing Zippers
  • Applying Beading, Lace & Patches

Every garment is different, and body structures vary. Pricing depends on the complexity of each job as well as the time spent completing it.

Some factors that affect price:

  • Circumference of Dresses & Pants
  • Number of Layers
  • Presence of Lining
  • Nature of Material
  • Retaining Original Aspects of Garment

Please visit at your convenience for alterations.